Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We Are The World

The duty of the public library is to be a microcosm , not only in our communities, but also be the hub in the wheel that connects the community. We are the world...we disseminate information and educate people.

We teach technology, train trainers, publicize events, highlight the arts, provide meeting room for seminars, businessmen, story times, plays, music, speeches, host other library-related events, present entertainers, and a plethora of other services. We dispense entertainment and educational videos, DVD's, CD's and audios, books on tape, and large-print, as well as regular, books.

We provide free services to our community--tax preparation, outreach services to family daycare and large centers, preschools, Judy Centers, Nursing Homes, the County Detention Center, and the home or facility-bound elderly or disabled patrons. We teach technology to young children, concentrating on middle schoolers with Target 6 Training, and to anyone through Sailor, and fills so many other needs as well.

The library serves as a source of information, and wikis can now not only connect the library to the community, but also connect the community to the world! There will be no stopping this phenomena once we educate the public regarding its capabilities! But thank goodness they'll still need us to verify that the wiki's information is reliable!

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