Thursday, August 2, 2007

I'd Rather Not Have Peanut Butter, Thank You!

Peanut Butter, alias PBWiki, is NOT as easy as making a peanut butter least to me! I found it left a bad taste in my mouth when I accidently forgot my password and kept getting the run around trying create a new one. I couldn't modify my old username (which I liked and wanted to keep) and just get a new email address. That frustrated me.

But I couldn't even figure out how to edit (at the top of THIS page (like they said) because there wasn't an EDIT button to push on the top of that was on the previous page!

I found this PBWiki to be anything but Easy!

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Clif Notes said...

Hi Terry.

This is Clif at PBwiki support. If you are still interested in using your wiki, we are always willing to help.