Thursday, August 9, 2007

Alpha or Omega?

Given the fact that two months ago we had our second grandbaby born, I decided to see what Ning's AlphaMoms site was about. It was NOT as ALPHA as I had expected (Alpha being associated with aggression, as in Alpha Male). Cute! It was a harmless enough looking site offering baby names...Or was it?

I clicked on R because my grandson is named Ryan. However, yes! The aggression began. It took for--ever (Omega) to load. Impatiently, I figured, "There are thousands of baby names, so I'll just X-out and move on to another site!" WRONG!

So giving it time to take its stance, I backed away and let it 'collect" itself by posting a blog. Returning, I finally found it fully-loaded, but I suggest that unless you have eternity to spend with the AlphaMoms, "Don't Go Into The Water!!!" Aaaaaaaa!

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