Thursday, August 16, 2007

"FREE" Games? I Think NOT!

I tried to retrace my steps as to how I stumbled upon this site. I was exploring (23 Things) short list on the Web 2.0 awards list, and somehow I found it. Nevertheless, is one of those "free" games-for-your-children-to-play websites that doesn't cost you any money. It looks good at first, but the minute you complete their 'registra-tion' (but, seeing through the thin veneer, you'll know that it is nothing more than an advertiser's survey for sending you unwanted ads), and you'll be sorry!

There's really nothing FREE in this life--everything has strings of some sort! This will cost you aggravation, in the long run, by wading through tons of the SPAM that is attached.

Considering this, it would be mentally cheaper to physically take your children to a arcade for a day and let them have a blast, rather than, having to later, blast your computer because of all the junk mail you'd get!

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punch said...

Hi, I know this is an old post but someone just brought it to my attention.
Kneebouncers is free. We do not collect any information. There is no registration - I am really not sure what you are referring to - unless it is in the "send to a friend" section and still we do not do anything with that info.
Starting in November 2008, we are introducing new games, downloads and some products that will be for sale one the site in order to support our efforts in bringing new games and activities.
But again from the beginning Kneebouncers has always been free - no strings attached.