Thursday, August 16, 2007

Online Dating Service is an online dating service. This appears to be an ideal way for seeking compatibility and companionship in a safe environment.

You could get in a chat room and get to know one another by the old-fashioned method of 'writing.' I know that when my husband (of 37+ years) and I had to attend separate colleges, we wrote letters and postcards to each other all the time.

We didn't have the option of computers to help us out back then, but we both felt that writing those letters helped us to truly get acquainted better, and we looked forward to receiving that snail-mail all week. In fact, aside from a phone call (which was long distance, and not through the prepaid minutes on the cell phones of today), receiving a letter was the height of our week!

It's no wonder that "You've Got Mail" was one of the hit romantic movies of this generation. There's just something about seeing the written word that makes you savor the re-reading of it, making it all the sweeter.

You can't be too careful in today's world of dating, to really get to know, respect, and yes--dare I say it?--be best friends with the people you date nowadays. And I think, if I were suddenly single again, like my widowed sister, that in time, even I might try this kind of service. Young people (and even the Baby Boomers) could relax a bit more about the dating scene, if they were to utilize a service such as this, to narrow down their 'possibilities.'

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