Saturday, August 18, 2007

A 2.0 Carat Diamond in the Rough!

I was very impressed by how much I actually did learn in the 2.0 field of technology, and very pleased about it a well. I spent a great deal of time and energy (sometimes even staying several hours overtime well after I should have gone home), because not only was I trying to finish the sections I'd been working on before my shift ended, but I was also fascinated by what I was learning.

Not everything was my "cup of tea," but then, that's life, isn't it? One man's junk is another man's treasure. But I did find not only some very interesting sites, but some I treasured enough to bookmark as favorites. Those, I know, I will utilize over and over, passing on those HTML's to my friends and relatives!

I thought learning 2.0 at your own pace was a good idea. That way you could spend as much (or as little) time in a particular area of specialization as you wanted. Sometimes the pathways were full of the debris of confusion or frustration, and I'd have to hack my way through to the clearing of understanding via my technical advisor, Kevin, which took great patience on his part, to guide me through it. But the majority of my strolling along the winding paths mesmerized me, excited me, puzzled or perplexed me, challenged me, and encouraged me to stretch myself beyond my comfort zone, and lead me into the new frontier of technical knowledge.

I know I have barely even scratched the surface of what is yet to be discovered. There are so many more adventures that remain. But at least I am more confident in venturing out there and challenging myself to see what lies beneath the veneer that I've just begun to rub. Maybe with some good old-fashioned elbow-grease, I can cut and polish this rough stone until one day it will shine like a diamond!

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