Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Puppetry in Motion

Hi! My name is Terri Jones, a.k.a., Miss Terri, The Story Lady, The Library Lady, The Puppet Lady, etc., etc.

I have been an outreach librarian for the past 17 years, for the Cecil County Public Library. I drive the bookmobile, presenting story time programs for our outreach titled, This Way To Books.

I love to read my patrons stories of course...but I love to bring them to life. That is why I interact with my audiences in special ways. Not only do I read books, but I sing, do finger plays, utilize flannel/magnet/Velcro boards in my story times, but I always use some very charming friends to help me out...I have a passion for puppets! I involve young and old alike into the world of puppetry, by having them be the puppeteers.

I tell the story, using character voices in ventriloquism, while they manipulate the puppets mouth and limbs! It's such great fun, and draws the participants to bond with their particular character in dramatic role-playing. It bridges the generation gap, bringing out the inner child who is waiting to have fun, thereby uniting the generations.

Naturally, when I began to tell stories for the library, as well as in my side-line business ( coolstorytime.com ), I started a puppet collection of my very own. Now I own over 300 puppets of various kinds (primarily Folkmantis puppets).

So, does anyone else out there share in my passion??? Calling all puppeteers!

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