Monday, July 16, 2007

Who Tube???

You Tube and iACPL were very interesting. Actually I saw the Mentos and Diet Coke You Tube videos on Good Morning America several weeks ago. That was fascinating with the "scientists" experimenting with it.

But, I think these videos sometimes lend themselves to going a few steps too far. I've never seen one of the "Jackass" movies except in movie trailers because they look too stupid for words! But some of the home vidoes of people eating Mentos and then drinking Diet Coke made me sick--them too, apparently.

I think the ridiculous part is that some times by promoting some of these videos a lot of air play and debate, we may accidentally give ideas "idiots" who not have been intelligent enough to have ever even dreamed of such things just enough information to go out and hurt themselves, or more often, an innocent bystander. It is rather like giving a two-year-old dynamite and matches, and telling them to be good and go play...KA-BOOM!

I know that people will argue the BIG Censorship and Freedom of Expression issues, but it's always too late after someone gets hurt. Who would be valiant enough to take RESPONSIBILITY then???

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